My name is Janet and I’m a chipaholic

I remember now why it has been over a year since we have eaten in a Mexican Restaurant. We have no control. We had forgotten that. It was Cinco de Mayo you know? May 5th.  It seemed like the perfect time to try a Mexican restaurant in our temp city.

After all, it was my Weight Watchers leader who even suggested the restaurant in the first place. Since I’ve lost ten pounds now (not a true ten pounds mind you because that first weigh in included a hat, coat, gloves and shoes just to assure a little progress that first week on program) and am back to my goal, I felt empowered to go in there on the Mexican holiday to celebrate with the locals. I just bet that Carolyn doesn’t let them bring chips to her table.

It’s that chip basket that is the problem. I had silently promised myself that I would count out ten chips and when they were eaten, I was finished. I would then patiently wait for my modest combo to arrive. But did that happen? Oh no, my hubby and I ended up finger fighting over the last small crumb nestled in the bottom of the basket. At least we did resist the urge to nod approvingly as the fourth “attender” offered to refill it. Don’t they know how bad your night can be after you have filled up on just ONE chip basket  between two people AND your “modest” combo?

But the chips are so good. At home I eat unsalted pretzels or baked potato chips. I don’t have a greasy chip within a mile of my hotel room. Okay, unless you count the vending machine in the laundry room but that doesn’t tempt me. But put me in a restaurant with loud music, lots of happy people and a basket of hot chips and I’m a gonner.

So after a restless night of dreaming about striped blankets, big hats and Pepcid AC, I believe it will likely be another year before we attempt to eat Mexican food. We need to face facts, we are chipaholics and we now know it.


There’s something about the first five minutes….

Have you ever noticed that those first five minutes are often the best? Think about this…you’re exhausted after a long day and evening and you finally get to slide into your soft and comfortable bed.  Ahhh those first five minutes of relaxation are so delicious.

You are hungry and weary and get to your favorite Italian restaurant. You order your special pizza with the perfect selection of toppings and after waiting too long for it to arrive, it does. You slide that first slice onto your plate with the cheese hot and stringing from the pizza pan and you take the first few bites of heaven…..

It’s a cold day, raining or snowing and the house is drafty. You decide to splurge and draw a hot bath. You get the kids settled into bed and the house is quiet and you get your abandoned book from the nightstand and sink into that enveloping warm bath. Those first five minutes of luxuriating in the warm water are the best.

You have never been to a college football game. You have cheered on your favorite team from the living room each Saturday in the fall of the year. But this time, someone gives you two tickets and it’s your turn to experience it in person.  You make your way through the traffic, the crowd, the turnstyles and ticket takers and t-shirt and program hawkers and you make your way up through the concrete stadium to emerge into the inside of the arena. The grass is so green it doesn’t look real and the colors are bright and you can’t believe you are finally there.  Those first five minutes of AWE stay with you for a lifetime.

You’ve been putting off mowing the grass, it’s getting higher, the wife is nagging. There is no more delaying. The grass must be mowed today. It’s 96 degrees with a matching humidity and you are finally finished. The beads of sweat have soaked your t-shirt, your cap is soiled with dust and dirt. Your wife hands you your favorite ice cold beer. Ahhhh those first five minutes of that brew are THE BEST!

At Weight Watchers they say that about desserts too.  Just take a couple bites and enjoy them because those first few bites are the best and the rest…..well they just add five more inches to your hips.

Me and Charles Barkley

You may be surprised at what this five foot four white woman and a six foot six black man would have in common. But there are at least two things.  We both get caught with our foot in our mouths (and that is quite a big one for him) and we both are spokesmen for Weight Watchers.  He gets paid for it though and I don’t.

It doesn’t stop me however from being a happy vocalizer of the virtues of this time tested program.  I’m now in my 17th year (after losing 50 pounds) of being a Weight Watchers lifetime member.  If you aren’t familiar with what that exactly means, it is that once you have lost your desired weight and continued to attend meetings for six more weeks, you have arrived at the coveted status of “Lifetime”. As the name suggests, you are “IN” for life as a treasured member.  It really is a great deal because you can attend meetings and get all of the updated materials for the rest of your life for free as long as you do two things. You must weigh in once each  calendar month and be no more than two pounds above your goal.

If you don’t always make that monthly meeting, you can still pop back in at any time and just pay for one week. You never have to pay an initiation fee or registration fee.  Weight Watchers has stayed true to their word and for the 40 years, yes 40, that I have attended off and on, this has not waivered.  In this day when companies come and go and often forgo their “we will never let you down” mantra, it is refreshing to see a company that does do what it says it will.

I’m happy to say that I’ve been a lifetime member of Weight Watchers for 17 years now and have not had to ever pay for being over goal, just paid to pop back in once in awhile.  I admit that I have been tempted toward other weight loss plans that offer quick results but I always come back to the tried and true…steady as she goes….program that works consistently for millions of people around the world.  You can visit a WW center anywhere and feel at home.  Ah….Charles Barkley probably will never show up at my WW center but The Round Mound of Rebound has shown up on the court of the WW ball game….at least offering his name and prestige to a company that already had name recognition and much success under its belt.

Now if he can keep from saying every thing that he is thinking, he may set the example for more men of color to discover that Weight Watchers can help them get back into the “game of health”. Thanks Sir Charles. You may be saving a few lives and not even know it.