The Ugly Sweater Contest is Mine!!!

You see my small group in Ocala does an ugly sweater contest for their Christmas party each year. They have changed the name to “Silly Sweater” to be more PC but we all know what it really is. UGLY sweater. You know the kind that were really cool back in the 90s. The ones with birds and flowers and huge poinsettias knitted into pretty little red knots all over the back of it. The best ones have giant school buses or crocheted bandaids on them but those are really hard to find.

But Now the contest should be a cinch for me this year. I have started working in our new church’s thrift store. They actually have TWO thrift stores. One is for furniture and boutiquey quality stuff and the other is for nice clothes, shoes, toys and uh Yep! Ugly sweaters!!! Now I don’t want to say that my new Illinois friends dress badly, it’s just that it’s cold here for so much longer than Florida that the capacity to have once OWNED an ugly sweater is much greater.

Okay small group….the race is on!