“He went thataway!”

Following up on my earlier blog about things that make you say “hmmmmm” is this. A local resident asked me if I had a hard time finding my way around town and I replied that I had figured out the main streets that cross each other and was doing pretty well. She then pointed out that her town was a bit odd that many streets had two different names, one going one direction and another going the other way.  I then began to notice just how many of those unusual streets there were.  So here is an example of “which way/street did he go?”

I mean what happened to just one name per street? Did too many city forefathers add the clause to their will that they wanted a street named for them? I thought it may be due to so many kind folks here that just want to “adopt a highway”? But I did a little research on that. Adopt a highway didn’t start until 1995 and that really just means that your group will pick up the trash along your road, so that’s not it.

It does make one wonder? I mean not to diss my Illinois friends but hey I watch The Good Wife and we aren’t that far from Chicago and the land of Blago. Did a local politician sell a bunch of street signs?

One lady told me that her house address is REALLY confusing. It’s on the corner of Alpine St. and Alpine Ave.  Huh? Now why didn’t they just take one of those extra names and give it to poor Alpine Avenue so he could stand alone in a town with too many street names. I hope we never need a rescue unit when a new guy is driving. He could end up in Loves Park. It may not be where he intended but the town’s name sure is nice and Alpine street, or is it avenue, will take you there.


The Train: One of the great American equalizers

In the Chicago area you can ride the train for an entire weekend for a mere $7. You can be sitting next to a struggling college student, a homeless guy that barely got the $7 together or the gentleman in the Armani top coat. The train stations are every few miles and cover many social and economic areas. There are some gorgeous condos within walking distance to the Metra stations. But everyone rides the train, no special cars for the Bloomingdale fans. You just sit back and relax no matter who you are. The city of Chicago awaits.