Keeping up with the Jones’

Or Smith or Cordrey,  just keeping up with whatever your family last name is. Keeping up with your loved ones when you are displaced is very important. You may have a tendency to be self absorbed due to your particular predicament. Perhaps YOU are in need of cards, notes and encouraging sentiments. Remember though, that reaching out to others is a good way to take your mind off yourself and your personal situation.
Before you go to your new place, make sure you take your address book with you. Get some extra stamps also so you won’t have to find a post office right away. Pick up some all occasion cards or notes. Even in this day of cyber greetings, nothing beats a real handwritten note.
Our grandson just had a birthday. He’s getting a bit old for cutsie, “aren’t you a big boy”  cards but that didn’t stop us! We bought him a card that sings his NOT SO FAVORITE song…..he rolled his eyes I’m sure and probably said “oh brother” and his younger siblings no doubt played with the card until everyone grew weary of it. But, I bet he won’t soon forget the birthday card he received from his out of state grandparents.
So make time for your extended family and friends, make time to laugh. It’s good for your soul AND your health.


Today is not my birthday.

No, today isn’t my birthday but it IS likely the 57th anniversary of my conception. We don’t talk about that much, or ever really. But the reality is that if you were born between November ….say 10th and November 30th, allowing for fluctuations in the gestation period, that you were conceived on Valentine’s Day. You’ve seen all of those commercials and pressure to buy cards, flowers, perfume and those silly hoodie footie pajamas.  I will be glad when today is over just to get those commercials off the air.
Think about it. How many people do you know that have one of those birthdays? I was probably 40 before I connected those dots or I should say hearts and my birthday hasn’t been the same since. No one wants to think about their parents being romantic. I wondered why so many people had a birthday on the same day as mine, or the day before or after.  Now I know.  The secret is out.

This year will be no different. Another Valentine’s Day is here.  I will get to work cranking out more homemade birthday cards because you know there will be a whole crop of new folks crowding in on my special day.